About Me

Artist Statement

My work consists of Mixed Media Sculptures using found objects, both natural and man-made; Mixed Media Paintings; Works in Oil; Collage and Drawings.

The sculptures could be described as "transfigurations" of objects lost then found. The works evolve either through initial aesthetic responses to the dynamics of individual pieces, which are then assembled and take on a new life and meaning.

Sometimes works are ideas based, rooted in memory and experiences of an Irish Catholic childhood, resulting in sculptures which are 21st Century Icons or Devotionals. These confront expectations and challenge the viewer, taking them beyond the familiar, sometimes witty but with gravitas!
Colour is an essential part of my sculptures, using waxes and pure pigment, and latterly applied collaged papers, found and pre-prepared: the works become three dimensional paintings.

The collages evolve from experiences of my environment…I’m not interested in representing a likeness, but to make something new which represents the total experience and excitement of that place. I use found materials that create an unusual palette of torn/cut papers; when applied, they take on a life of their own.
I love the frisson of re-interpreting my experiences of nature and creating a new order, an equivalence, which invariably moves the work on to an unexpected journey, often more abstract, but beating to the time of the initial idea.

The paintings, both mixed media, and oil, are often developments from the collage works, experimental, using materials in unexpected ways to evoke the essence of the subject, becoming a distillation, revealing a sense of the extraordinary.

I want the works to draw you in, make you pause to absorb and reflect….